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The latest news from Mansell McTaggart


The latest news from Mansell McTaggart


February Newsletter: Property Prices Rise

In the February edition of our Mansell McTaggart newsletter, we are pleased to analyse the recent surge in the property market - with Rightmove reporting record price rises from December to January. With the increase in property prices, we also look at the increase in buyer demand which is creating a very active marketplace in this first quarter of the year. 

In our analytical pieces this month, we break down which property type has performed the best over the last decade - an interesting read if you are thinking of investing in 2020. If you are looking to invest in property, then you are not alone as we bring you the news that potential landlords are still keen to invest in property. 





November Newsletter - How will the general election affect the property market?

In this month's edition, we kick things off with a look at how December's general election could affect the property market, alongside a look at how the mortgage industry's current state is offering competitive rates for borrowers. 

We also reveal what homebuyers value most when looking for a property and finally, don't forget that November is the last month to start your Help to Buy ISA!

October Newsletter - The importance of setting a realistic asking price 

In this month's edition, we start with a look at the importance of setting a realistic asking price when selling a property, and how getting this key step wrong can cause problems for sellers. 

Elsewhere, we take a look at whether the buy-to-let market remains a viable investment for landlords, the Conservative government as extended permission rights for homeowners to extend their property and finally, we offer our top tips for selling your home as the days begin to get shorter. 

September Newsletter - How has Brexit created opportunity in the property market?

In this month's edition, we start off with a look at how the ongoing turmoil surrounding Brexit has created an opportunity for people to get involved in the property market. 

Elsewhere, we take a look at how much people are prepared to pay for their 'forever home', we detal the pitfalls of converting your loft space and finally, if you're a first-time buyer unsure of your purchasing options, we're on hand to offer an explanation of the Help to Buy scheme. 

How to sell your home quickly this Summer

In this month's edition, we're full of the joys of Summer as we offer our top tips to those wanting to sell their property quickly during this season. 

Elsewhere, the Government has relaxed planning laws that will make it far easier for homeowners to extend their properties, and finally, with all of the coverage dedicated to the contentious Tenant Fee Ban, we look at why the legislation could be a good thing for landlords. 

Westvale Park is having an Open House Event - and you're invited!


Busy Spring in store for the property market

In this month's edition, we're looking forward to another typically busy Spring season in the property market.

There's plenty of good news on offer too, as first-time buyer activity reaches its highest level in over ten years and property investors are continuing to pour money into British projects, even with Brexit looming. Finally, if you're looking to sell your home, why not read our step-by-step guide to the selling process?

Sell your home with Mansell McTaggart


A First-time Buyers Guide to Making an Offer

In this February edition, we're on hand to offer guidance to first-time buyers on making that all-important offer when buying a home. 

We also look at why buyers are rushing to beat Brexit, we reveal the top 10 places to live in the UK and we analyse what buyers are prioritising when looking for a home. 

Looking ahead to 2019: what will the property market look like?

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2019! In this January edition, we look at what this year's property market will look like as well as taking a look back at what effect 2018 could have on the future.

We also reveal why it takes just eight minutes for buyers to decide on a property and analyse why rates of home ownership for your families are on the rise.

Tips to help you sell your home this Christmas

In this month's festive edition, we're on hand to offer our top tips to help you to sell your home this Christmas.

We also take a look at why smart-home technology is becoming so common in Britain, there's news on an extension of the popular Help to Buy scheme and a recent increase in wage growth could help renters looking to make a start on the property market.

Sell your home with Mansell McTaggart


Tips to help you sell your home this Autumn

In this month's edition, we're on hand to offer our top tips to help you sell your home this Autumn.

We've also got plenty of suggestions to help you save money around your home, we reveal the country's top 10 home improvement projects and there's guidance for parents wondering how to help their children onto the property ladder.

How Far Would You Go to Get Your Dream Home?

We had a brilliant time celebrating the best our local community had to offer at this year's South of England Agricultural Show. Find out more about what the show had to offer in this month's newsletter!

Also this month, statistics are showing that homeowner confidence is growing, investors are told that one in five homes are set to be rented by 2022, we discuss all the options available to prospective (and confused) first-time buyers, and we share some examples of buyers who were willing to go to great lengths to secure their dream home.

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