Busy Spring in store for the property market

Busy Spring in store for the property market

Spring has always been a popular time of the year for buying and selling properties, with the change from the colder months of winter to the warmer spring temperatures often galvanizing people to make a change. This year is forecast to be no different and spring 2019 is set to be a busy time for estate agents across the UK…

Recent analysis from The Advisory, an independent advice service for house sellers, has shown that March is statistically the best month to sell. The average amount of time taken to sell in March stands at 57 days, compared to other months later in the year at 79 days. With gardens starting to bloom, the weather becoming fairer and properties looking at their best, it is no surprise that spring is at the top of the list for when to sell a property.

Of course, spring 2019 is a little different than any of those prior due to the uncertainty that lies around Brexit. Although it may seem like the political climate could be a hindrance to property sales, there are many indicators which would suggest quite the opposite, with spring 2019 actually buoyed by Brexit.

There could indeed be somewhat of a surge after 29th March from potential buyers and sellers who have waited for the Brexit date to pass before they enter the market, and with supply and demand already at their highest levels for over a decade, this would see the property market in a particularly strong period.

Twinned with the historically low-interest rates, and the most flexible mortgage offerings ever provided by the banks, buying a property this spring will be on the minds of many and could indicate something of a renaissance for the property market, which has proven to be stable rather than spectacular in the last few months.