February Newsletter: Property Prices Rise

February Newsletter: Property Prices Rise

In the February edition of our Mansell McTaggart newsletter, we are pleased to analyse the recent surge in the property market - with Rightmove reporting record price rises from December to January. With the increase in property prices, we also look at the increase in buyer demand which is creating a very active marketplace in this first quarter of the year. 

In our analytical pieces this month, we break down which property type has performed the best over the last decade - an interesting read if you are thinking of investing in 2020. If you are looking to invest in property, then you are not alone as we bring you the news that potential landlords are still keen to invest in property. 

Property Prices Rise at Fastest Rate on Record

Buyer Demand Soars

Potential Landlords still keen to Invest

Which Property Type has Performed Best over the Last Decade?

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