Homeowners' planning permission rights to be extended

Homeowners' planning permission rights to be extended

At the annual Conservatives’ conference this month, Chancellor Sajid Javid and Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick announced plans to allow homeowners to add two-storey extensions without the need for planning permission. This would tie-in with legislation brought in earlier in the year which allows homeowners to extend on a single storey without planning permission.

Sally Tagg, the Managing Director at Foxley Tagg has concerns over the plans with regards to the effect on communities if there is little in terms of restrictions, which could result in inconsistent building design.

“Because the announcement is not formal yet it is very unclear about what it will comprise. Conceptually, rolling back further on permitted development should be treated with caution and concern in terms of the potential impact it may have in design terms which is an important plank of place making,” said Tagg.

Tagg’s concerns stem from the fact that although extensions will be required to comply with current building regulations, neighbours will no longer be able to formally object.

The Housing Secretary had this to say on the proposals: “All too often the planning system proves complicated, outdated and bureaucratic and is too complex and costly for people and small businesses to navigate. This is a barrier to building the homes that we need…

“I want to give families the freedom they need to expand their homes and ensure small developers get a fair chance to succeed. Our vision for reforming the planning system will speed up and simplify the process, while ensuring that communities still retain a say over their future.”